Black Jack

Black Jack is one of the most played card games at both traditional and online casinos. Like Poker, Black Jack is played with skill and proper decision making and strategies. It has been around for a long time like Poker, and has also been one of the main attractions at online casino and land-based casinos. It requires a lot of concentration and analysis that makes the game a “not so easy” game, unless you know and applies the basics of the game. Like all other games, Black Jack has also a history to tell. From centuries down to the modern history of gaming. It has been said that the game of Black Jack appeared during the 17th century in the region of France and was early played at most French casinos. It was first known by the name Vingt en Un. The Ving en Un’s meaning is “21″. This was the main similarities that both Ving en Un and Black Jack has, though it did not actually originated from it. As the modern ages of gaming arises, Black Jack has been included in most traditional casinos up until now. A classic game across the world, mostly in US, Canada, and Australia, and Europe. And with the help and technological innovations and the Internet being born, the game has now an “online black jack” version at online casinos in the Internet.To play the game, a player’s opponent is usually what they call the dealer. The aim of the game is to have hand that is equal to “21″. When a player reaches “21″, the player wins. But when a player exceeds at “21″, the player automatically loses the game. Whenever the player and the dealer tied up, the bet on the game will be pushed. Some important things to remember while playing this casino game is the value of cards in the game. An ace can be counted as either 1 or 11. Cards from 2 up to 9 are all valued at their face value, and the 10, Jack, Queen, and King are all valued as “10″. There are also betting options that this game gives to its players. The “Double” means that the player’s initial bet will be doubled and will be hit 1 card only. “Split” means the player’s card will be split into two cards. This means that whenever a player’s first card go bust, he/she may have chance to win on his second card at hand. The “Surrender” wherein a player surrenders a half or all his bet to the dealer. And the “Insurance” which is offered when the dealer has already dealt an ace faced up. Since this has a higher probability of having a Black Jack, the insurance will pay the player at 2:1 odds.As Poker is one of the biggest online casino game that is played by millions in internet casinos, Black Jack is considered next to it. Black Jack have been a place for high rollers as well as skilled players. Online Casinos offers free play for their games like the Black Jack to jump-start their players and familiarize with the rules of the game. And even there is a new version of black jack, which is the “online black jack”, nothing has changed to how it is played.

Online Roulette – A Brief History

The term “Roulette” is French and in essence it means “small wheel”. While it may seem that because “Roulette” is a French word that the game itself comes from France, but this is not necessarily true. There are a number of differing theories ranging from the game originating in China, as well as ancient Rome. Many who believe the game originated in China, think that Dominican Monks that were trading with the Chinese brought the game back to mainland Europe. The Roman theory is based on accounts that Romans would tip their chariot wheels and spin them as a form of entertainment.A slightly more popular theory is that the French scientist Blaise Pascal, credited with the probability theory, invented the roulette wheel. Apparently, it was the by-product of one of his many experiments.Eventually, in 1842, the French brothers Louis and Francois Blanc invented the roulette game we know today. They invented the “0” version used by most countries in the world. A legend about Francois Blanc, is that he apparently sold his soul to the devil in order to obtain the secret of roulette. Conspiracy-theorists validate this story by the fact that all the numbers on a roulette wheel added up to “666”.Even though the Blanc brothers’ game was a resounding success, gambling was still illegal in France so it was introduced in Hamburg instead. Gambling was eventually banned in Germany too, however, but then The Prince of Monaco invited Louis to operate his Monte Carlo casino and reacquaint the people with the game of roulette.When brought over to America, the “0” version of roulette was abandoned in favour of the “00” version of roulette. Today, in order to distinguish between these two variations, the “00” version is called the American Wheel whilst the “0” version the European Wheel. The “00” version has 38 numbers whilst the “0” version only has 37 but, despite their differences, both are extremely popular the world over…Read More:Online Roulette – A Brief History []